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New! Video lessons available

During the Covid 19 pandemic we would like to reassure our customers that we are still providing high quality tutorial lessons via our video links This has been proving very successful and students have been working to the same level We are now including online tuition into our bespoke services. Assessments will still be carried […]

New term dates

We are Booking now for literacy and numeracy tuition at key stages one to four. New resources for gcse -Edexcel,Pearson and AQA available Need a retake in English or English literature? Contact us now for  intensive revision courses. students requiring dyslexia assessments for university should apply to us now. This term dates are September 5th […]

New programmes for literacy and numeracy

We are adding a new range of programmes to our literacy and numeracy tuition   Both of which will incorporate Important but often neglected qwerty keyboard skills. Students are finding that it takes more time to write essays on a computer without the necessary touch typing skills. The programmes are suitable for both the dyslexic […]

The importance of Brain Breaks- articles and tips 1.

Here at LTS  since our inception in 1996 as  the only tuition centre in Wolverhampton then, we have always used brain breaks with our students. We were then, ahead of the game as they say- Now neuroscience articles shows us through imaging and research, that our  brain is wired for novelty,  not routine. In fact our […]

Dyslexic Dudley Man has first book published

A dyslexic Dudley man has told how proactising his writing led him to publish his first book. Despite  having to battle issues with reading and writing Ray Hall has achieved his dream with a published debut novel called: The Start of my Story. It’s a fictional novel with an apocalyptic theme. The central character faces the […]

Visual Stress and Dyslexia

What is Visual Stress? Visual Stress is also known as Meares-Irlen, named after the two researchers who first discovered the connection between white page “glare” and reading difficulties in the early 1980s. It is also called Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, although scientifically it has now been shown that this is not a very accurate term, as […]

EXAM FEVER OR HAY FEVER? Try our mock exam solutions

Hay fever season may be on us , but it’s time to knuckle down to some serious 11+ revision if you are thinking of entering your child for 2018entry. Booking now  for next year means that your child will be professionally tutored, and well prepared, both in subject and technique- many of the grammar schools […]

The end of a simile-As useful as a chocolate teapot

Is this the end for the chocolate teapot that has no use? A dearly loved phrase or idiom that conjures up the perfect analogy – used correctly it gives a wonderful visual picture  of a melting teapot! More importantly for dyslexics it gives the right brain visual cortex time to process the phrase through its association […]

Product review The Smart Chute

The Smart Chute is a fun way to support literacy and numeracy skills by ‘posting’ a card into the chute for it to come out at the other end with the answer.Cards include initial blend,finals blends, vowel digraph , addition and subtraction, times tables. It engages the child well but can be tricky to remember […]

Event for Dyslexia support

We are holding a training event for teaching assistants parents carers and adults who struggle with reading   The event focuses on the understanding of dyslexia and related conditions,the importance of correct diagnosis, initial training on what multi sensory approaches mean and demonstrating two new support packages from Dyslexia Action Event date:    Monday April […]